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About CineVAR Platform

CineVAR is the first of its kind virtual reality cinematic experience. We offer a unique and immersive way to watch movies, see historic events in person as if it is happening today, live concerts and sports events, attend business meetings and conferences, visit a construction site, or walk through a property that is not yet built or jump into your architects rendering as if it is already built, stream your education curriculum or attend your hybrid classroom, exchange medical records and attend your doctor’s visit, visit your banking pods, visit museums, touristic site seeing, or even take a walk in a park that is in a country that is thousands of miles away, instantly. All this and more with the latest in virtual technology. you can access our platform from your electronic devices, VR Glass, or through our theaters/pods. Our innovative one of a kind theaters/pods provide you with an unforgettable unique experience like no other, with an incredibly realistic, immersive, and interactive environment that brings your favorite content to life,

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